Hugh Dancy Fans /

1. Are video’s embedable?

Yes, though some are from YouTube you can their embed code which is provided with every post. Also there is a couple which are not. I’ll make sure to make a note on which ones aren’t.

2. Can I embed your videos on my site.

Yes you can feel free to. That’s what they are there for.

3. I would like to request a video to be on the site.

Sure just send us a description and we will add it on the site for you to view. Email me at

4. What file types are used for your videos?

We use FLV, though some are from YouTube and others are MP4

5. We found a video to add to your site. Could we place it here?

Sure you can just send me the video and email me at

6. A video is not working can you fix it?

Yes I can just send me the url of the video not working for you and email me at